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Day in the life....

Hours before a comp is checking it all off,

Making dam sure your kid has everything that theyll need,

From fed well slept well practiced enough,

Checking music,hairstuff, and program read and re-read...

Cars got gas, costumes all on the racks,

Undies bras scissors shoes sprays and their fav snacks!

Props brushes gel clips, hairspray and butt glue,

Lipstick foundation mascara and eyelashes too,

Finally get to bed near the middle of the night

Feels like 10mins the alarm gives you a fright,

Wake your child to start the trip,they get up and grab their ipad,

Need a coffee before long,just a sip before you go mad!

All day your so proud in between picking up all their stuff you needed to pack

Spread out all over the venue sidestage in audience and out the back,

Last dance is done its all put back in the car,

Normally your relieved you dont need to drive far

Your child sleeps on way home while u drive

Its all worth it to see them love what they do and thrive

You'll only get this if your a 'dance mom indeed

I think we all are definitely a different breed🤪

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