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Day at a comp...

Costumes and music are normally number one,

If somethings forgotten mum will run.

Pins,plasters,hairties,hairspray,lipstick and the shoes,

Props,shorts,bras,undies,gel,makeup and the butt glues!

8am start usually means 6 rise 4 us,

Let them sleep abit longer they dont get the fuss!

Take awhile to wake them and they roll out of bed,

We've studied the order and timing now its engraved in our head!

You get there 2 early comp running late there was no need 2 race,

Find a good coffee,get 2 see our dance friends all over the place,

All the kids do their best and love what they do,

Mums dads grandparents teachers are so very proud too.

The dances are done, theyve all had a great day

Mums exhausted from all the watching and eating theres no other way to say!

Tidy their stuff up from EVERYWHERE go home have a wine

Another comp done untill the next time to shine.

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